The bathroom is one of most used rooms in the home. The members of the family use the bathroom several times a day. There are some easy and affordable ways to make the bathroom look great. These are some bathroom renovation ideas for people that want to upgrade their bathroom on a budget.


bathroom renovation ideasThis is one of the most inexpensive ways that a person can change the look of their bathroom. All it takes it a little paint. A person can paint the walls to give the bathroom a new look and feel. It is best to use a paint that has a satin finish so it can stand up to the moisture in the bathroom. There are a number of different colors to choose from so a person can find the one that is best for their bathroom.

 Update Fixtures

According to , There are some little things that can make the bathroom look great. Update the lighting fixtures, the tower rocks, and even the handles on any draws can be a big change for a small price. This can add some color and a new style to the bathroom and give it a new look.

 Recaulk and Grout

In the bathroom the caulking and the grout can get stained and start to look worn out. Adding new caulk as well as Budget Bathroom renovationregrouting and give the bathroom a new look. The bathroom can look clean once again and add a new sparkle. This can be done for a very cheap price and can make all the difference. Many people are able to grout and caulk on their own. There is no need to hire a professional.

 Use Linoleum

This type of flooring has become very popular in the past couple of years. Linoleum is cheap and a person can install it on their own. It can go over the existing floor. This material is great for the bathroom and it will not be slippery. The best part is that the design of linoleum has been improve over the last couple of years. This material is being made to look more like tile. A person can get the look they want at a fraction of the price.

 Cover the Vanity

affordable bathroom renovationsCovering a vanity can give the bathroom a new look and reduce the appearance of clutter. The vanity can be covered with fabric. A person can select the fabric of their choice at an inexpensive price. They can chose from a number of different colors and patterns. This will allow the bathroom to have a new look without having to purchase a whole new unit.

Add Light

Adding new lighting to the bathroom can also give it a new look. There are a number of modern lighting fixture that can be used to create warmth and will add a new look to the bathroom.

These are some of the ways that a bathroom remodeling or renovation project can be done while on a budget. By making a few simple changes to the bathroom a family can enjoy a new look without having to spend a lot of money.


Hi guys this is Caleb again… Been super busy these days. Got my House floor sanded the other day. Got fascinated by the Floor sanding Stuff. Did research on it and here is what i found….

Floor sanding is a technique applied on hardwood floors that involves removal of the top surfaces using abrasive materials and special machines. There are different materials that can undergo this process and this involves cork, timber, and parquet. Sanding is most applicable on old floors as it is used to bring a new and fresh look on them. The previous top covering is removed to unleash the hidden surface that is suitable to undergo this procedure. This technique is made up of three steps which are: preparation, sanding and polishing.

Types of Machines used in Floor Sanding

The most common machine used to carry out floor sanding Melbourne is known as a drum sander. However, an edge sander can be used in areas where the drum sanders cannot be used such as the edges or the stairs. The machines are used to sand the floor from a coarser look to a fine one. This therefore leaves the floor surface smooth.

The Processes Involved


  • Preparation

Protruding nails can cause serious damage to the sanding machines if not taken good care of. Therefore, the first step in floor sanding is to punch them down or remove some of them if need be. The previous abrasives used are also removed to make the procedure possible.


  • Sanding

This is the actual stage that involves the use of coarse grit papers for the removal of old coatings and surfaces. The procedure is continued until the floor is flat. This stage also involves filling holes and making repairs where necessary. A finer grit paper is then used to finally smoothen the surface and make the wood appear new and fresh. The choice of the grit paper is made by the individual carrying out this task because they range from 24 grit to around 150 grit.


  • Polishing

This is the last step to acquiring a beautiful and shiny floor. It involves adding a new protective layer and filling the scratches left out by sanding. This process helps to even the general appearance of the floor. Different products may be used to bring out the shine on the floor. This involves the use of polyurethane, oil-base varnish, wax, water-base products and other sealants.


Before applying any polish, the floor should first be dusted. The wax is a product derived from a palm tree and is in the form of a paste. It is spread over the floor using a buffing machine. Polyurethane on the other hand is in liquid form and is applied using a synthetic applicator. When using this product and oil-based sealants as well, it is important to put on a respirator mask because they are poisonous.


The length of time used to successfully polish will be highly determined by the size of the floor. When carrying out this procedure, it is paramount to have proper ventilation and apply a thin layer to promote faster drying. However, it is not advisable for homeowners to carry out the sanding procedure themselves because they may end up causing severe damage on the wood. Additionally, it is expensive to purchase all the materials and products required and therefore, one should opt to hire professionals to do what they do best and bring a new shine on your floors.

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Johns Creek Is a Great Place to Live for Sports Enthusiasts

Johns Creek is an Atlanta suburb that is famous for its beautiful outdoor environment. This environment makes Johns Creek a great place to live for golfers, tennis players, fishermen and other sports enthusiasts.

Here is an overview of some of the Johns Creek area’s most popular sports that demonstrates why Johns Creek is one of Georgia’s best places to live for sports enthusiasts.


Johns Creek Is Home to More Than 30 Great Golf Courses

The Johns Creek area is home to more than 30 great golf courses that attract thousands of golfers to the area each year. Most of these courses are parkland-style courses that feature beautiful views of forests and rolling hills. These natural surroundings offer the perfect backdrop for challenging layouts that test golfers’ ability to hit quality shots with every club in their bag.


Some of the most popular courses in the Johns Creek area include Collins Hill Golf Club, Northwood Country Club, the Atlanta Athletic Club’s famous championship golf courses, and the Heritage Golf Links. Other popular courses include the Peachtree Golf Centre, Laurel Springs Golf Club, and the Tournament Players Club Course at Sugarloaf.

Tennis Enthusiasts Have Many Choices

Johns Creek features a warm and mild climate that is suitable for playing tennis. Local tennis enthusiasts take advantage of this climate at several tennis courts that dot an area around Georgia Route 141. Some of the most popular tennis courts include the Deerlake Tennis Pavilion, and the Medlock Bridge Tennis Center.


The Area’s Fishing Spots Are Fun to Explore

Johns Creek is located on a 13-mile stretch of the Chattahoochee River that offers fishermen some of Georgia’s best naturally occurring fishing spots. These fishing spots offer many chances to catch trout that are native to the area. They also offer fishermen quiet surroundings that are fun to enjoy with friends.


Moreover, Johns Creek is conveniently located about 20 miles southwest of Lake Lanier’s prime fishing spots. Many of these fishing spots are located near prime wakeboarding, water skiing and swimming areas that overlook Lake Lanier Islands Park.

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Johns Creek is an affluent suburb of Atlanta. This particular community has over 76,000 people and is the 13th highest earning city within the United States. The city of Johns Creek is located next to Alpharetta which is a major hub for businesses within the Atlanta area. Johns Creek is made up of families that are high income earners. The average family earns $135,601 a year and the net worth of each household is is close to $860,000. With this kind of financial power, many residents within the city of John Creek have an incredibly high standard of living.


Many people own their homes in Johns Creek, Georgia. The median cost for local homes is about $288,000. This is way above the national average. This figure also indicates that the homes in this area are large structures with lots of room and space for the average sized family. The real estate market in Johns Creek is perfect for sellers.


The values for housing is steadily growing and this means that Johns Creek is a popular place to live. Modern homes in Johns Creek have the latest smart technology and they solar panel systems installed on the roofs of the structures. This type of roofing makes many of the homes in the areas energy efficient and environmental friendly.

The area has a lot to offer. There are great schools within the city’s limits and the job market is booming. The unemployment rate is only 4.4% and this means that there are plenty of jobs available for local residents. The schools in Johns Creek are some of the best in the state of Georgia. The residents there take education seriously. Since the schools are well funded many of them have state of the art educational facilities which provide a high quality education for all students. There are both public and private institutions within the city.

Johns Creek map

Johns Creek is also a very safe community to live. While it is true that no place in America is absolutely free from crime and violence; Johns Creek has very low incidence of this type of behavior. The neighborhoods are very safe and people can literally leave their doors and windows open at night without worrying about being victimized. However, it would still be wiser for people to secure their properties just to be on the safe side.

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